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Illustrated Ceramic Vases - HOT FROM THE KILN: brand new, feminine and all hand built.

I simply couldn't wait to show you the newest vessels I've been making. This spring / summer is so busy with craft fairs, gallery exhibitions and ceramic festivals so building my collection and pushing my limits have been top of my agenda. Here is what's been going on in the studio, where my inspiration is coming from and what to expect more of in the coming months.

Sculpting, lids and foot rings

I haven't really done any "sculpting" since leaving uni (almost 10 years ago) and when I did I really wouldn't have said it was a strong suit. in the past few years I've stuck to relatively simple forms and concentrated more on the illustration side. this is something i will continue to do but I have started incorporating more 3 dimensional elements to the work like this figure on the lid of my latest piece Fear Of Missing out. It was also a challenge to start to create lids that fit which is something I've been frightened of in the past. I feel it has opened a whole new door into new designs and i'm very excited to take this further.

Wedgwood inspired

The inspiration behind these new black and white pieces comes from the "Grand-master vase maker of the universe" Josiah Wedgwood. I've been researching his absolutely fascinating life which has lead to paying closer attention to his work. Stealing from Josiah and picking his brain may seem like a cheat but he himself famously replicated ancient Greek vessels so I am sure he won't mind. his shapes and styles have been incorporated into my new designs mashed up with my feelings about leaving

my 20s, hence the title Fear Of Missing Out.

Tiny spouts and high fired terracotta

I'm such a sucker for high fired terracotta. Whilst it is a low fire earthenware if you push the temperature that little bit higher you get the deepest, most beautiful fire red. I think this year I'll be showing off a lot more of that natural colour in my work. i'm also working on tiny delicate spouts, the smaller the better. Its been a learning curve to achieve this as a coil builder but there is something so aesthetically pleasing about these simple forms

My own muse

If I've spoken to you before about where the figures on my pots come from, you will know I have an enormous mood board of images from all walks of life, times and poses. The key is to find figures that work together well. Sort of like a jigsaw. What is often missing is REAL normal bodies. To avoid repeating the same images I've started to use a model. One that is on hand to create the shapes I need... the time has come to pose for my own illustrations. Whilst this feels self centered and extremely uncomfortable it should allow me to create the images I need without relying so much in the internet. So the next time some clever creepy guy approaches my stall and asks "is this you love?" it may very well be.

Where can you see me this spring/ summer?

- The Minories, Colchester - 24th- 26th of Feb

- Sheffield Ceramics Festival - 1st- 2nd of April

- The Undercroft gallery , Norwich - 8th - 23rd of April

- The Poly, falmouth - 17th - 22nd of July

*There may be more events coming up so please make sure you are on my mailing list

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