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Welcome to My Ceramics Blog

Hello, good morning, good evening and WELCOME. This is the first of what I hope will be many Pottery posts in which intend to share Art, Ceramics and all things inspirational along with my own tales of making.

Who The Hell Am I?!

I'm Charlotte, which you probably figured out already. That's me in picture above pretending to be pensive. I'm a Ceramic artist from a small town called Hinckley which is slap, bang in the middle of the UK. I specialize in hand built pottery and Sgraffito Illustration. But most importantly I'm obsessed with Art and Craft and people who create.

What have I got to say for myself?!

I have to admit I'm a little apprehensive about writing. There is a very tiny, very grumpy creature that lives in the back of my head asking:

" Who wants to read your mindless rambling?"

" Why would anyone want a blog about Ceramics?"

" But you're Dyslexic Stupid."

So After MONTHS of deliberating and arguing with what we will call the "Back of the head Boogey man" I came to the following conclusions:

  • It doesn't matter to me if anyone reads it. I hope that you will, but if you don't its still a great tool to collect my thoughts and keep my focus (which I'm sure will be a topic covered a lot in future posts)

  • I would like a blog about Ceramics! I want to talk to other artists about their work, their creative journeys and where they are headed. I want this to be a collection of inspirational stories that I can come back to when my creative cup is empty.

  • I do have Dyslexia, I have the attention span of a Gnat and my spelling leaves a lot to be desired. BUT I also have Dyspraxia and I still manage to make beautiful pottery. ( I also drop and break a lot of it but I've made my peace with that.) It's 2022, being neurodivergent is not an excuse to give up on my goals.

What's the point?!

In Summary, here is what the blog is all about

  • Connecting with and showcasing other artists and their work

  • Creating a hub of inspirational fuel for when that creative fire isn't burning bright enough

  • Documenting my own journey as a full time maker finding my feet.

I hope you'll join me!

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